Nitzschioid Morphology

Morphology ID: 9

Number of Taxa: 28

  • Valve is organized around a line (bilateral symmetry)
  • Valves usually symmetrical to both apical and transapical axes
  • Raphid system well developed, and positioned near the valve margin
  • Raphe is enclosed within a canal and raised onto a keel

Note: The specimen(s) pictured to the right are not from Antarctica, excepting Naviculoid example.

Taxon Name Basionym synonyms ID
Denticula sundayensis 128
Hantzschia abundans 30
Hantzschia amphioxys Eunotia amphioxys 29
Hantzschia amphioxys 169
Hantzschia amphioxys f. muelleri Hantzschia amphioxys f. capitata 33
Hantzschia hyperaustralis Hantzschia amphioxs var. ruperstris f. capitellata Hantzschia subrupestris (p) 32
Hantzschia possessionensis 287
Nitzschia acidoclinata 194
Nitzschia aff. tubicola 212
Nitzschia angustatula 195
Nitzschia archibaldii 196
Nitzschia australocommutata 66
Nitzschia chardezii 197
Nitzschia clausii 198
Nitzschia communis 199
Nitzschia debilis 200
Nitzschia dissipata var. media 201
Nitzschia fonticola 202
Nitzschia frustulum var. frustulum 203
Nitzschia gracilis 204
Nitzschia hungarica 205
Nitzschia inconspicua 206
Nitzschia liebetruthii var. liebetruthii 207
Nitzschia palea 208
Nitzschia palustris 209
Nitzschia pusilla 210
Nitzschia sp.#1 211
Nitzschia westiorum Fragilaria tenuicollis var. antarctica Nitzschia westii (p) 70