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* SYNONYMS: "(p)" after a synonym name indicates that this was a previously published name for this taxon; the taxon has subsequently been reclassified and this name is no longer synonymous with the updated description.

Achnanthes muelleri 108 O
Achnanthes naviformis 270 O
Achnanthes taylorensis Achnanthes taylorensis Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia 7 MCM
Achnanthidium minutissimum Achnanthes minutissima 109 O
Achnanthidium modestiforme Achnanthes modestiformis Achnanthes modesta 271 O
Adlafia bryophila Navicula bryophila, Navicula maillardii 110 O
Adlafia bryophiloides Navicula bryophiloides 272 O
Adlafia frenotii 273 O
Adlafia linearis Navicula bryophiloides var. linearis 274 O
Adlafia minuscula Navicula minuscula 111 O
Amphora cf. oligotraphenta Amphora veneta var. capitata 10 MCM
Amphora copulata Amphora libyca, Amphora ovalis var. libyca 112 O
Amphora veneta 113 O
Aulacoseira distans Melosira distans 114 O
Caloneis aff. silicula var. minuta Caloneis ventricosa var. minuta 117 O
Caloneis cf. bacillum 115 O
Caloneis delphineae 275 O
Caloneis marnieri 116 O
Cavernosa kapitiana 118 O
Cavinula heterostauron Navicula heterostauron 276 O
Cavinula heterostauron var. rostrata Navicula heterostauron var. rostrata Navicula meridionalis 277 O
Chamaepinnularia aerophila 278 O
Chamaepinnularia aliena Navicula aliena 279 O
Chamaepinnularia australomediacris Navicula australomediacris 280 O
Chamaepinnularia cymatopleura Navicula cymatopleura Pinnularia cymatopleura (p) 73 MCM
Chamaepinnularia cymatopleura var. #3 76 MCM
Chamaepinnularia deltaica Navicula deltaica 75 MCM
Chamaepinnularia evanida Navicula evanida 119 O
Chamaepinnularia gracilistriata 281 O
Chamaepinnularia quaternaria Navicula quaternaria 74 MCM
Chamaepinnularia soehrensis var. muscicola Navicula soehrensis var. muscicola 120 O
Chamaepinnularia sp.#2 121 O
Cocconeis neothumensis Cocconeis diminuta 122 O
Cosmioneis grossepunctata Navicula grossepunctata 123 O
Craspedostauros laevissiumus Tropodoneis laevissima 80 MCM
Craticula molestiformis Navicula molestiformis 13 MCM
Craticula salsuginosa 282 O
Craticula submolesta Navicula submolesta 124 O
Craticula vixneglidenda 125 O
Cyclotella meneghiniana Cyclotella k├╝tzingiana 126 O
Cymbopleura naviculiformis Cymbella naviculiformis 127 O
Denticula sundayensis 128 O
Diadesmis arcuata Navicula arcuata 129 O
Diadesmis comperei 130 O
Diadesmis contenta Navicula contenta 131 O
Diadesmis costei 132 O
Diadesmis crozetikerguelensis 133 O
Diadesmis faurei 283 O
Diadesmis ingeae 134 O
Diadesmis langebertalotii 135 O
Diadesmis latestriata 136 O
Diadesmis subantarctica 137 O
Diadesmis vidalii 138 O
Diatomella balfouriana Diatomella hustedtii 139 O
Diploneis subovalis 140 O
Encyonema silesiacum Cymbella silesiaca 141 O
Encyonema vulgare 142 O
Eolimna minima Navicula minima, Navicula minutissima, Navicula tantula 143 O
Eucocconeis aretasii Achnanthes aretasii 144 O
Eunotia fallax 145 O
Eunotia muscicola var. muscicola Eunotia polydentula 146 O
Eunotia paludosa var. paludosa 147 O
Eunotia sp.#1 148 O
Fallacia lenzii Navicula lenzii 149 O
Fistulifera pelliculosa Synedra minutissima var. pelliculosa Navicula pelliculosa 27 MCM
Fragilaria capucina s.l. 150 O
Fragilaria germainii Diatoma germainii 154 O
Fragilaria germainii f. acostata Fragilaria bicapitata var. grandis 155 O
Fragilaria husvikensis 156 O
Fragilaria pulchella Synedra pulchella, Synedra familiaris 157 O
Frankophila maillardii Fragilaria maillardii 158 O
Frustulia cirisiae 159 O
Frustulia pulchra 160 O
Frustulia subantarctica 284 O
Frustulia vulgaris 161 O
Geissleria paludosa Morphotype II Navicula ignota var. palustris, Navicula paludosa 162 O
Geissleria subantarctica 163 O
Geissleria taafiana 164 O
Gomphonema affine var. affine 165 O
Gomphonema exilissimum Gomphonema parvulum var. exilissimum 166 O
Gomphonema parvulum var. parvulum 167 O
Gomphonema possessionense 285 O
Gomphonema stonei 168 O
Gomphonema subantarcticum Gomphonema angustatum var. aequalis f. kerguelense 286 O
Hantzschia abundans 30 MCM
Hantzschia amphioxys 169 O
Hantzschia amphioxys Eunotia amphioxys 29 MCM
Hantzschia amphioxys f. muelleri Hantzschia amphioxys f. capitata 33 MCM
Hantzschia elongata 386 MCM
Hantzschia hyperaustralis Hantzschia amphioxs var. ruperstris f. capitellata Hantzschia subrupestris (p) 32 MCM
Hantzschia possessionensis 287 O
Hippodonta hungarica Navicula hungarica, Navicula capitata var. hungarica 170 O
Humidophila arcuata Navicula arcuata Diadesmis contenta (p) 21 MCM
Humidophila arcuata var. parallela Navicula contenta var. parallela Diadesmis contenta var. parallela (p) 17 MCM
Humidophila australis Diadesmis australis 18 MCM
Kobayasiella subantarctica 288 O
Lecohuia geniculata Navicula geniculata 171 O
Luticola aff. mutica Navicula mutica 172 O
Luticola australomutica Luticola australomutica 107 O
Luticola austroatlantica Luticola austroatlantica 47 MCM
Luticola bradyi L. cohnii var. #1 36 MCM
Luticola caubergsii Luticola caubergsii 104 O
Luticola dolia Luticola dolia 42 MCM
Luticola elegans Navicula murrayi var. elegans 387 MCM
Luticola gaussii Navicula muticopsis var. gaussii 37 MCM
Luticola gigamuticopsis Luticola gigamuticopsis 103 O
Luticola laeta Luticola laeta 38 MCM
Luticola ledeganckii 289 O
Luticola mcknightiae Navicula muticopsis fo. evoluta L. muticopsis fo. evoluta (p) 44 MCM
Luticola murrayi Navicula murrayi 39 MCM
Luticola mutica Navicula mutica 40 MCM
Luticola muticopsis Navicula muticopsis 41 MCM
Luticola muticopsis Navicula muticopsis 173 O
Luticola nelida Luticola nelida 106 O
Luticola paramutica var. binodis 174 O
Luticola permuticopsis Luticola permuticopsis 43 MCM
Luticola quadriscrobiculata Luticola quadriscrobiculata 105 O
Luticola robusta 290 O
Luticola sp. #2 89 MCM
Luticola sp. #3 93 MCM
Luticola spainiae 390 MCM
Luticola suecorum 175 O
Luticola transantarctica 389 MCM
Marine diatom fragments 84 MCM
Mayamaea atomus Amphora atomus 50 MCM
Mayamaea atomus fo. permitis Navicula permitis 51 MCM
Mayamaea atomus var. #1 Navicula atomus 49 MCM
Mayamaea atomus var. atomus Navicula atomus 176 O
Mayamaea atomus var. permitis Navicula atomus var. permitis 177 O
Mayamaea fossalis var. fossalis Navicula fossalis var. fossalis 178 O
Melosira aff. guillauminii 181 O
Melosira charcotii Melosira charcotii 86 MCM
Melosira dickiei 179 O
Melosira echinata 180 O
Microcostatus naumannii Navicula naumannii Navicula airdevronsixii, Fallacia naumannii 25 MCM
Morphotype 1 cf. F. cap. var. vaucheriae Fragilaria vaucheriae 151 O
Morphotype 2 cf. F. cap. var. rumpens Synedra rumpens, Synedra rumpens var. familiaris 152 O
Morphotype 3 cf. F. cap. var. gracilis Synedra rumpens var. familiaris, Synedra famelica, (?) Fragilaria vaucheriae var. longissima, (?) Fragilaria vaucheriae. var. 153 O
Muelleria aequistriata Muelleria aequistriata 95 O
Muelleria austroatlantica Muelleria austroatlantica 96 O
Muelleria cryoconicola Muelleria cryoconicola 94 MCM
Muelleria kristinae Muelleria kristinae 98 O
Muelleria lototskayae Muelleria lototskayae 99 O
Muelleria luculenta 182 O
Muelleria meridionalis Muelleria meridionalis 54 MCM
Muelleria peraustralis Navicula peraustralis 55 MCM
Muelleria regigeorgiensis Muelleria regigeorgiensis 100 O
Muelleria rostrata Muelleria rostrata 97 O
Muelleria sabbei Muelleria sabbei 101 O
Muelleria supra Muelleria supra 56 MCM
Muelleria tumida Muelleria tumida 102 O
Muelleria varipunctata 183 O
Navicula arvensis 184 O
Navicula bicephala 185 O
Navicula ectoris 291 O
Navicula elorantana 190 O
Navicula gregaria Navicula gregaria 63 MCM
Navicula gregaria 186 O
Navicula seibigiana Pinnularia cincta Navicula cincta (p) 58 MCM
Navicula seminulum 189 O
Navicula shackletoni Navicula shakletoni 61 MCM
Navicula sp.#1 187 O
Navicula sp.#1 191 O
Navicula sp.#2 192 O
Navicula veneta 188 O
Navicula venetiformis 292 O
Neidium aubertii 193 O
Nitzschia acidoclinata 194 O
Nitzschia aff. tubicola 212 O
Nitzschia angustatula 195 O
Nitzschia archibaldii 196 O
Nitzschia australocommutata 66 MCM
Nitzschia chardezii 197 O
Nitzschia clausii 198 O
Nitzschia communis 199 O
Nitzschia debilis 200 O
Nitzschia dissipata var. media 201 O
Nitzschia fonticola 202 O
Nitzschia frustulum var. frustulum 203 O
Nitzschia gracilis 204 O
Nitzschia hungarica 205 O
Nitzschia inconspicua 206 O
Nitzschia liebetruthii var. liebetruthii 207 O
Nitzschia palea 208 O
Nitzschia palustris 209 O
Nitzschia pusilla 210 O
Nitzschia sp.#1 211 O
Nitzschia westiorum Fragilaria tenuicollis var. antarctica Nitzschia westii (p) 70 MCM
Nupela chilensis Anomoeoneis chilensis 213 O
Opephora naveana Fragilaria opephoroides 214 O
Orthoseira biportulata 293 O
Orthoseira roeseana Melosira roeseana, M. roeseana var. epidendron, M. roeseana var. spiralis 215 O
Pinnuavis elegans Navicula elegans 216 O
Pinnuavis gebhardii Navicula gebhardii 294 O
Pinnuavis genustriata Navicula genustriata 217 O
Pinnularia acidicola var. acidicola 295 O
Pinnularia acidicola var. elongata 296 O
Pinnularia aff. perirrorata 231 O
Pinnularia alpiniformis 297 O
Pinnularia amae 298 O
Pinnularia angliciformis 299 O
Pinnularia borealis 72 MCM
Pinnularia borealis var. scalaris 218 O
Pinnularia bottnica Pinnularia lundii var. baltica 219 O
Pinnularia carteri Pinnularia similiformis 220 O
Pinnularia cf. microstauron var. nonfasciata Pinnularia microstauron 226 O
Pinnularia crozetii 300 O
Pinnularia cuneorostrata Pinnularia borealis var. cuneorostrata 301 O
Pinnularia decrescens var. kerguelenensis Pinnularia subsolaris f. kerguelenensis 302 O
Pinnularia divergentissima var. divergentissima 221 O
Pinnularia divergentissima var. minor 222 O
Pinnularia dulcicola Pinnularia quadratarea var. dulcicola 303 O
Pinnularia extralonga 304 O
Pinnularia kerguelensis Pinnularia lata var. kerguelensis, Pinnularia alpina var. kerguelensis 223 O
Pinnularia kolbei 224 O
Pinnularia laperousei 305 O
Pinnularia lecohui 306 O
Pinnularia microstauron var. microstauron 225 O
Pinnularia microstauron var. rostrata 227 O
Pinnularia neomajor 228 O
Pinnularia obscura 229 O
Pinnularia peracuminata 230 O
Pinnularia petersenii 232 O
Pinnularia pisciculus Pinnularia anglica 233 O
Pinnularia rabenhorstii var. franconica 235 O
Pinnularia rabenhorstii var. rabenhorstii Pinnularia borealis var. thuringiaca, Pinnularia lata var. thuringiaca 234 O
Pinnularia rabenhorstii var. raphecurvata 307 O
Pinnularia rabenhorstii var. subantarctica 308 O
Pinnularia rhombarea var. serrata 309 O
Pinnularia sagittiformis 310 O
Pinnularia schoenfelderi Pinnularia microstauron var. brebissonii f. diminuta 236 O
Pinnularia subantarctica Pinnularia microstauron var. australis 311 O
Pinnularia subantarctica var. elongata Pinnularia microstauron var. elongata 327 O
Pinnularia subcommutata 238 O
Pinnularia vatii 312 O
Pinnularia viridiformis 239 O
Pinnularia viridiformis var. minor 240 O
Planothidium aueri Achnanthes pseudolanceolata, Achnanthes aueri 241 O
Planothidium cyclophorum Achnanthes cyclophora Achnanthes lanceolata var. lanceolatoides, Achnanthes lanceolatoides, Planothidium lanceolatoide 313 O
Planothidium delicatulum Achnanthes delicatula 242 O
Planothidium densistriatum 314 O
Planothidium lanceolatum Achnanthidium lanceolatum, Achnanthes lanceolata var. lanceolata 243 O
Planothidium marginostriatum 315 O
Planothidium quadripunctatum Achnanthes quadripunctata 244 O
Planothidium renei Achnanthes renei 316 O
Psammothidium abundans Achnanthes abundans, Achnanthes abundans var. elliptica 245 O
Psammothidium confusiforme 319 O
Psammothidium confusum Achnanthes confusa 317 O
Psammothidium confusum var. atomoides Achnanthes confusa var. atomoides 318 O
Psammothidium germainii Achnanthes germainii 246 O
Psammothidium germainii Achnanthes germanii 5 MCM
Psammothidium incognitum Achnanthes incognita Navicula dulcis, Achnanthes stauroneioides f. striata 320 O
Psammothidium investians Achnanthes investians 247 O
Psammothidium levanderi Achnanthes levanderi 248 O
Psammothidium manguinii Achnanthes manguinii Achnanthes manguinii var. elliptica 321 O
Psammothidium oblongellum Achnanthes oblongella Achnanthes saxonica 322 O
Psammothidium papilio Navicula papilio Psammothidium chlidanos, Achnanthes childanos (p) 4 MCM
Psammothidium stauroneioides Achnanthes stauroneioides 249 O
Psammothidium subatomoides Achnanthes subatomoides 250 O
Psammothidium therezienii Cocconeis therezienii Achnanthes therezienii 323 O
Rhopalodia rupestris Rhopalodia gibberula var. rupestris 251 O
Sabbea adminensis Navicula adminensis Navicula lineola var. perlepida 92 MCM
Sellaphora subantarctica 324 O
Sellaphora tumida 325 O
Stauroforma exiguiformis Fragilaria virescens var. exigua, Fragilaria exigua, Fragilaria exiguiformis 252 O
Stauroneis aff. phoenicenteron 259 O
Stauroneis cf. anceps 253 O
Stauroneis gracilior Stauroneis anceps f. gracilis 254 O
Stauroneis kriegeri Stauroneis anceps var. capitata, Stauroneis pygmaea 255 O
Stauroneis latistauros Stauroneis latistauros 78 MCM
Stauroneis muriella 256 O
Stauroneis obtusa 257 O
Stauroneis obtusa var. minor 258 O
Stauroneis smithii var. sagitta Stauroneis sagitta 260 O
Stauroneis subgracilis 261 O
Staurosira alpestris Fragilaria alpestris Staurosirella alpestris 326 O
Staurosira circula 262 O
Staurosira jolinae 263 O
Staurosira leptostauron Fragilaria leptostauron 264 O
Staurosira martyi Opephora martyi, Fragilaria martyi, Martyana martyi 265 O
Staurosira pinnata Fragilaria pinnata 266 O
Staurosira venter Fragilaria venter, Fragilaria construens var. venter 267 O
Surirella angusta var. constricta 268 O
Tabularia fasciculata Fragilaria fasciculata 269 O