• Valve is organized around a line (bilateral symmetry)
  • Raphe system present on one valve
  • Heterovalvar

Note: The specimen(s) pictured to the right are not from Antarctica, excepting Naviculoid example.

Taxon Name Basionym synonyms ID
Achnanthes muelleri 108
Achnanthes naviformis 270
Achnanthes taylorensis Achnanthes taylorensis Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia 7
Achnanthidium minutissimum Achnanthes minutissima 109
Achnanthidium modestiforme Achnanthes modestiformis Achnanthes modesta 271
Cocconeis neothumensis Cocconeis diminuta 122
Eucocconeis aretasii Achnanthes aretasii 144
Planothidium aueri Achnanthes pseudolanceolata, Achnanthes aueri 241
Planothidium cyclophorum Achnanthes cyclophora Achnanthes lanceolata var. lanceolatoides, Achnanthes lanceolatoides, Planothidium lanceolatoide 313
Planothidium delicatulum Achnanthes delicatula 242
Planothidium densistriatum 314
Planothidium lanceolatum Achnanthidium lanceolatum, Achnanthes lanceolata var. lanceolata 243
Planothidium marginostriatum 315
Planothidium quadripunctatum Achnanthes quadripunctata 244
Planothidium renei Achnanthes renei 316
Psammothidium abundans Achnanthes abundans, Achnanthes abundans var. elliptica 245
Psammothidium confusiforme 319
Psammothidium confusum Achnanthes confusa 317
Psammothidium confusum var. atomoides Achnanthes confusa var. atomoides 318
Psammothidium germainii Achnanthes germainii 246
Psammothidium germainii Achnanthes germanii 5
Psammothidium incognitum Achnanthes incognita Navicula dulcis, Achnanthes stauroneioides f. striata 320
Psammothidium investians Achnanthes investians 247
Psammothidium levanderi Achnanthes levanderi 248
Psammothidium manguinii Achnanthes manguinii Achnanthes manguinii var. elliptica 321
Psammothidium oblongellum Achnanthes oblongella Achnanthes saxonica 322
Psammothidium papilio Navicula papilio Psammothidium chlidanos, Achnanthes childanos (p) 4
Psammothidium stauroneioides Achnanthes stauroneioides 249
Psammothidium subatomoides Achnanthes subatomoides 250
Psammothidium therezienii Cocconeis therezienii Achnanthes therezienii 323