• Valve is organized around a line (bilateral symmetry)
  • Lack a raphe system, and therefore lack motility
  • Rimoportulae (labiate process) may be present

Note: The specimen(s) pictured to the right are not from Antarctica, excepting Naviculoid example.

Taxon Name Basionym synonyms ID
Fragilaria capucina s.l. 150
Fragilaria germainii Diatoma germainii 154
Fragilaria germainii f. acostata Fragilaria bicapitata var. grandis 155
Fragilaria husvikensis 156
Fragilaria pulchella Synedra pulchella, Synedra familiaris 157
Morphotype 1 cf. F. cap. var. vaucheriae Fragilaria vaucheriae 151
Morphotype 2 cf. F. cap. var. rumpens Synedra rumpens, Synedra rumpens var. familiaris 152
Morphotype 3 cf. F. cap. var. gracilis Synedra rumpens var. familiaris, Synedra famelica, (?) Fragilaria vaucheriae var. longissima, (?) Fragilaria vaucheriae. var. 153
Opephora naveana Fragilaria opephoroides 214
Stauroforma exiguiformis Fragilaria virescens var. exigua, Fragilaria exigua, Fragilaria exiguiformis 252
Staurosira alpestris Fragilaria alpestris Staurosirella alpestris 326
Staurosira circula 262
Staurosira jolinae 263
Staurosira leptostauron Fragilaria leptostauron 264
Staurosira martyi Opephora martyi, Fragilaria martyi, Martyana martyi 265
Staurosira pinnata Fragilaria pinnata 266
Staurosira venter Fragilaria venter, Fragilaria construens var. venter 267
Tabularia fasciculata Fragilaria fasciculata 269