• Valve is organized around a point (radial symmetry)
  • Lack significant motility
  • Oogamous sexual reproduction

Note: The specimen(s) pictured to the right are not from Antarctica, excepting Naviculoid example.

Taxon Name Basionym synonyms ID
Aulacoseira distans Melosira distans 114
Cavernosa kapitiana 118
Cyclotella meneghiniana Cyclotella k├╝tzingiana 126
Melosira aff. guillauminii 181
Melosira charcotii Melosira charcotii 86
Melosira dickiei 179
Melosira echinata 180
Orthoseira biportulata 293
Orthoseira roeseana Melosira roeseana, M. roeseana var. epidendron, M. roeseana var. spiralis 215